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The Definitive Guide to Advertising on Instagram

  • July 11, 2023
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Social media presents a vast and ever-evolving landscape, offering tremendous opportunities for both users and marketers. However, the dynamic nature of these platforms means that businesses need to stay updated and informed. If your goal is to reach millennials and younger audiences, Instagram should be on your radar. So, how does advertising on Instagram work, and why should you focus your advertising efforts here? Let’s delve into the details.

The Unique Appeal of Instagram Ads

Each social media platform operates differently. Twitter, for instance, relies on concise, bite-sized comments, while Facebook connects friends and family to share photos and engage with shared interests. Instagram, on the other hand, caters to the mobile multimedia audience. With the advent of smartphones equipped with high-quality cameras, millions of people have become avid photographers and videographers. Recognizing this trend, Instagram created a platform specifically designed for sharing images and videos. Not only is Instagram optimized for mobile usage, but it is also perfectly suited for sharing smartphone media. If your target market comprises smartphone-centric demographics, Instagram becomes an invaluable channel.

Getting Started with Instagram Ads

Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram’s primary focus is on serving its users and facilitating connections among them. Just like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram curates and filters the content users see, taking into account parameters such as a user’s preferred list of friends, family, and connections, as well as viral images and videos that gain popularity through repeated views and shares.

Businesses advertising on Instagram bypass the natural, algorithmic process by paying to have sponsored content prominently displayed on a user’s feed. This way, their content can be seen alongside organically aggregated content. Regardless of the advertising format you choose, you essentially gain a “priority override” that inserts your content within the content a user would naturally consume.

Know Your Instagram Audience

As Facebook owns Instagram, there is a wealth of data available to refine your target audience. This data plays a crucial role in your advertising success. Unlike posters or billboards where you have no insight into who sees your content, Instagram offers a higher level of control and data. Instagram possesses information about its users’ age, locations, interests, hobbies, content preferences, and dislikes. You can utilize this data to precisely target your advertising. If you wish to reach 20-year-olds in Delhi with an interest in food, Instagram allows you to specifically target this demographic. Conduct thorough research on your audience, segment them, and align it with Instagram’s targeting capabilities. Knowing whom you want to reach goes a long way on Instagram.

Choosing the Right Content & Ads

Now that you have decided to advertise on Instagram and have identified your target audience, it’s time to select the most suitable method of delivery. Remember, Instagram is a visual, mobile-centric social media platform. It is primarily accessed through smartphones and tablets, attracting users with a keen interest in pictures and videos. Therefore, your advertising should leverage the platform’s strengths, utilizing minimalistic yet impactful text and visuals. If you intend to craft lengthy, text-based articles, you should explore alternative platforms.

When advertising on Instagram, you have several choices, including:

  1. Photographs: Humans are visual beings, so if you have visually appealing products like food, clothing, or hardware, a well-executed photograph can work wonders.
  2. Video: While television commercials might be losing their appeal, video content on Instagram is thriving. It is not only feasible but also recommended to create engaging video content for this platform. Additionally, Instagram TV (IGTV) provides an avenue for longer-form video content, consistent corporate videos, or even television programming.
  3. Carousel Ads: Similar to traditional slideshows, carousel ads display a series of images or videos that users can browse through. This interactive format allows you to place a call-to-action button anywhere among the ten images or videos, leading customers directly to a website or online vendor if your product is purchasable.
  4. Stories: Instagram’s Stories feature enables users to link images together, creating temporary narratives with a lifespan of 24 hours. Advertisers can leverage this feature by inserting their ads into Stories, providing an additional way to reach their target market.

The Cost of Advertising on Instagram

When it comes to advertising on Instagram, it’s important to note that the process is not as straightforward as negotiating a fixed cost, writing a check, and waiting for results. Instagram employs a different payment system, where advertisers bid on ad placements, and costs are determined by the desired response or cost per click (CPC). While it may not be as simple as purchasing a predefined advertising package from a television station, advertising on Instagram offers greater reach, better results, and valuable user data to enhance your market targeting efforts.

Final Thoughts

Instagram presents numerous advertising options for businesses looking to establish a presence. To achieve the greatest success, it’s crucial to understand how to sell your product or service in a way that aligns with the platform’s strengths. If your target market consists of young, mobile-savvy, tech-literate individuals, Instagram casts a wide net that precisely targets this demographic.

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How does advertising on Instagram work?

Advertising on Instagram involves paying to have sponsored content displayed on users’ feeds, bypassing the platform’s natural algorithmic process.

Why should I focus my advertising efforts on Instagram?

Instagram is optimized for mobile usage and specifically designed for sharing images and videos, making it an invaluable channel to reach smartphone-centric demographics.

How can I get started with Instagram ads?

To get started, businesses can create sponsored content that will be prominently displayed on users’ feeds by paying for advertising space.

What advantage does Instagram offer in terms of audience targeting?

As Facebook owns Instagram, the platform has access to a wealth of data about its users, including their age, location, interests, hobbies, content preferences, and dislikes, allowing businesses to precisely target their advertising.

What types of content and ads are suitable for Instagram?

Instagram’s strengths lie in visual, mobile-centric content, so options like photographs, videos, carousel ads, and Stories are recommended for advertising purposes.

How is the cost of advertising on Instagram determined?

Instagram utilizes a bidding system, where advertisers bid on ad placements, and costs are determined by the desired response or cost per click (CPC).

Is advertising on Instagram more effective than traditional advertising methods?

Advertising on Instagram offers greater reach, better results, and valuable user data compared to traditional advertising methods like television commercials.

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