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Great Instagram Trends to Boost Your Social Presence in 2023

  • June 21, 2023
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In today’s digital landscape, Instagram stands as a behemoth with a staggering monthly user base surpassing 1.2 billion. To put its popularity into perspective, if Instagram were a country, it would rank third in population, following only China and India.

With such a vast user base, Instagram presents an incredible opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to engage with customers, establish a compelling brand image, and promote their products or services. However, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Instagram can be a daunting task.

This blog post aims to provide you with guidance on the latest Instagram trends that are crucial to your brand’s success. Neglecting these trends could result in your account getting lost in the crowd, but embracing them could propel it to new heights of social media prominence.

The Reign of Short-Form Videos

Remember IGTV, the once-popular Instagram format that allowed videos up to 60 minutes long? In today’s fast-paced world, no one has the luxury of time for such lengthy content. Consequently, short-form videos, particularly Instagram Reels, designed to rival Tik Tok, are gaining traction. Even YouTube acknowledges the popularity of this format!

Leveraging this Instagram trend can boost engagement, instill trust, reach new audiences, and diversify your content strategy. Short-form videos are excellent for informing and entertaining followers, sharing updates, and all without the time and financial investment required for longer videos.

The Instagram Marketplace Revolution

Instagram Shopping, introduced in 2021, became a massive hit due to the lock down repercussions and the surge in online shoppers. Instead of redirecting potential customers to your website, Instagram enables direct product selection within the app. Instagram Shop allows businesses to weave their stories into product themes, add relevant descriptions, and finalize transactions within the app, bypassing third-party processors.

To set up Instagram Shopping, ensure you meet the Commerce Eligibility Requirements and operate within a supported market. Then, select the on boarding tool and input your shop details. We recommend using Commerce Manager for a streamlined process.

The Era of the Content Creators

In the vibrant realm of Instagram, content creators are emerging as the new powerhouses. Instagram’s recent features have significantly bolstered their creative prowess, opening a myriad of opportunities for businesses to collaborate and prosper.

Take, for instance, the innovative campaign launched by Toad&Co Clothing, a sustainable fashion brand. They partnered with eco-conscious influencers, sharing a series of compelling posts showcasing their environmentally-friendly clothing line. The campaign struck a chord with their target audience of 20-35-year-old eco-advocates, leading to a substantial increase in their follower base and sales. Content creators, now more than ever, need to utilize these tools to their advantage. Understanding their audience, crafting engaging captions, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, and forming strategic collaborations are key. With Instagram’s empowering features, creators can influence and shape the narrative.

Unleashing the Potential of Story Links

A few years ago, Instagram revolutionized the platform by allowing accounts with 10,000+ followers to add swipe-up links to their stories, significantly boosting sales and engagement. Now, story links are accessible to all Instagram accounts, enabling users to add stickers, and locations, and connect followers with other websites or platforms. This game-changing feature allows businesses to direct traffic to their websites, promote products, or share blog posts directly from their stories.

To add a story link, simply hit the ‘Add Sticker’ icon during the create mode and select the ‘Link’ image. A window will appear for adding and customizing the URL as needed.

Direct Links in Content

Links on Instagram can be a powerful way to drive traffic and increase sales. Whether it’s in your bio, stories, or posts, links can be used to share products, portfolios, upcoming events, and other relevant information. The links you share must be concise, clear, and accompanied by descriptive text, so users understand where they will be directed.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Start with honesty and transparency if you’re unsure which Instagram trends to follow. As social media platforms strive to combat misinformation, brands are held to higher standards of truthfulness. This doesn’t necessitate revealing all aspects of your operations, but it does mean avoiding deception.

Memes – The Funny Side of Business

Memes, humorous images, or videos with a viral nature, have become an integral part of social media culture. They’re shared widely and remembered easily, making them a popular Instagram trend. Even serious brands can use memes to add a touch of humor or comment on relatable situations. Remember to incorporate your brand’s colors or logos to maintain consistency in your feed.

Additionally, memes can be used to subtly promote products or services, engage with trending topics, or even create a sense of community among followers. They can also be a great way to show your brand’s personality and make your content more relatable and shareable.

The Rise of DM Marketing

Direct communication (DMs) with followers remains one of the most effective ways to win loyalty.

DMs can be used to inform and entertain users with pictures, GIFs, and videos; provide coaching or guidance with voice messaging; share posts from your feed to provide additional details; or even share a location to help users find a place. Furthermore, DMs can be used for customer service, addressing queries or concerns directly and promptly. They can also be a platform for exclusive offers or promotions, making your followers feel valued and appreciated.

These 8 Instagram trends hold immense potential for boosting your brand’s visibility, engagement, and overall success on the platform. By embracing these trends and leveraging the power of Instagram, you can take your social media presence to new heights.

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