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Everything You Need to Know about Threads: An Instagram App

  • July 12, 2023
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Are you prepared to take your Instagram game to the next level? Introducing Threads, the revolutionary app from Instagram that is reshaping social media communication. Launched on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023, Threads is here to redefine the way we connect. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the world of Threads.

What is Threads App?

Threads, a captivating app developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), the parent company of Instagram, aims to rival Twitter by revolutionizing real-time social media conversations. While primarily centered around text-based posts, Threads also allows users to share captivating photos and videos, making it an irresistible choice for users seeking diverse content. In a remarkably short span of time, Threads has achieved tremendous success, with an impressive 30 million sign-ups as of Thursday morning. Notable figures such as Mr. Beast, the first person to reach one million followers on Threads, as well as leading tech companies, have eagerly embraced this groundbreaking app. It’s worth mentioning that Threads seamlessly integrates with Instagram, granting verified accounts automatic verification. Furthermore, users have the freedom to choose between keeping their Threads account public or private.

How Threads Works

Threads is an Instagram app designed for real-time, public conversations. By seamlessly integrating with your existing Instagram username, Threads provides access to this innovative platform. The app incorporates Instagram’s aesthetic and navigation system, ensuring a familiar experience for users. Furthermore, Threads enables you to share your content directly to Instagram Stories, expanding its reach. You have complete control over your interactions, with options to unfollow, block, restrict, and report profiles. With a character limit of 500, you can express yourself through text, links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. Threads empower you to engage with others and share your voice in the online community while adhering to Instagram’s community guidelines.

Threads vs Twitter

Threads and Twitter are two distinct platforms with different purposes and user bases. Threads, the cutting-edge app developed by Instagram, offers a unique experience for close-knit circles of friends. It allows users to share posts, photos, videos, and messages, revolutionizing private social networking. On the other hand, Twitter, now led by Elon Musk, stands as a global platform enabling open expression of thoughts and fostering discussions among individuals, businesses, and public figures worldwide. One key difference lies in Twitter’s reliance on hashtags, which serve as a fundamental aspect of the platform. Hashtags make it easy for users to find posts related to specific text or topics and identify trending content in one centralized location. In contrast, Threads currently lacks the capability to search for particular text or phrases. Moreover, Threads is only accessible through iOS and Android applications, with no desktop website available.

Let’s further explore the differences below:


Twitter: A social media platform where users can post short messages called tweets, share content, and engage with others.

Threads: A feature available on various platforms that allow users to create organized, sequential conversations by linking related messages.

Content Structure:

Twitter: Tweets are standalone posts limited to 280 characters (previously 140 characters). They are not inherently organized in a thread-like structure.

Threads: Messages within threads are linked together in a linear format, creating a structured and sequential conversation limited to 500 characters.

Engagement and Interaction:

Twitter: Users can engage with tweets through likes, retweets, and replies. Replies to tweets are separate messages, and conversations are not automatically structured as threads.

Threads: Users can reply directly to specific messages within a thread, fostering back-and-forth discussions in a structured manner. Threads encourage engagement and facilitate easier participation in conversations.


Twitter: Users can customize their privacy settings, making their accounts public or private. Once a tweet is posted, it is generally visible to the public unless the user has a private account or deletes the tweet.

Threads: Privacy settings for threads depend on the platform where they are created. Users may have control over who can view and participate in their threads.

Navigation and Organization:

Twitter: Users can browse tweets from the accounts they follow, view tweets from specific hashtags, or explore trending topics. The overall organization is based on Individual tweets and user timelines.

Threads: Messages within a thread are displayed in chronological order, allowing users to easily follow and navigate the conversation. Threads provide a more structured and organized way to present content.

Multimedia Integration:

Twitter: Users can include images, videos, GIFs, and other multimedia content directly in their tweets.

Threads: Similar to Twitter, threads can incorporate multimedia elements like images and videos within individual messages.

What Will Happen to Twitter?

Twitter, the popular social media platform, will continue to thrive and maintain its position as a hub for public discussions and news sharing, despite the introduction of Threads by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It’s important to note that Threads and Twitter serve different purposes and cater to different types of communication. Currently, Threads does not support direct messaging, a feature available on Twitter. As a result, both platforms will coexist independently, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of their respective user bases. Twitter will continue to facilitate public conversations, retweets, and engagement on a larger scale, while Threads carves its niche as a platform for intimate connections among close friends. Rest assured, Twitter’s future remains promising, driven by its robust user base and its vital role in facilitating real-time information and public discourse.

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Threads: An Instagram App

Entrepreneurs can leverage Threads, the Instagram app designed for private, close-knit groups of friends, to cultivate stronger relationships and create a sense of exclusivity with their customers. By utilizing Threads, entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to engage with their audience in a more personal and interactive manner, ultimately strengthening their brand image and driving business growth. Innovative apps like Threads allow entrepreneurs to share exclusive content, provide behind-the-scenes updates, and offer special deals to a select group of followers, fostering deeper connections and building a loyal community. By harnessing the power of Threads and other business tools, entrepreneurs can enhance their brand’s image, forge stronger relationships, and tap into the potential of intimate connections.

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Our team at Digital Media Calendar understands the intricacies of using Threads to create engaging content and foster meaningful conversations. We can guide you in crafting compelling text-based posts, captivating visuals, and interactive videos within the 500-character limit. By utilizing Threads, you can engage with your audience in a more personal and direct manner, driving conversations and building stronger connections. 

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What is Threads and how does it differ from other social media platforms?

Answer: Threads is an Instagram app developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that focuses on real-time, public conversations. It allows users to share text-based posts, photos, and videos. Unlike platforms like Twitter, Threads aims to provide a more intimate and private social networking experience.

Can I use Threads if I already have an Instagram account?

Answer: Yes, Threads seamlessly integrates with your existing Instagram username. You can use your Instagram account to access Threads and enjoy its features.

What are some key features of Threads?

Answer: Threads allow users to share posts, photos, videos, and messages in a real-time, public conversation format. It offers integration with Instagram Stories and provides options to control privacy settings.

How does Threads compare to Twitter?

Answer: Threads and Twitter are distinct platforms with different purposes. Threads focus on private social networking and intimate connections among close friends, while Twitter is a global platform for open expression and public discussions. Threads lacks Twitter’s hashtag-based search functionality and is only accessible through mobile applications.

Can I share multimedia content on Threads?

Answer: Yes, Threads allow users to share multimedia content such as photos and videos within their posts and messages

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